World Peace Telesummit 2016

World Peace Telesummit: The Power of Peace

The World Peace Telesummit 2016 was held on September 21 to celebrate the International Day of Peace and to strengthen the ideals of peace among people. Call Driver Barry Bettman of MaestroConference welcomed participants who dialed in from around the world. Host Dr. Elaine Christine facilitated folks making a difference through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Participants shared what they learned from their experience. Click this link to listen to The World Peace Telesummit 2016 Replay.

To download the Telesummit transcript and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit 2016 Transcript.

The six-step Peace Process was inspired in 1998 after Dr. Christine attended a spiritual conference in Miami. Everyone seemed to want World Peace, but nobody had a plan. She had the idea to run the thought of World Peace on the Six-Discipline Model published in her textbook, Managing Risk. Christine explained, “The World Peace Telesummit is all about focusing on the vision and the imagination that more and more people can be inspired to live with the love of God in their hearts and the devotion to whatever they feel is of value.”

Participants used their imagination to envision world peace. Diane Dickson said, “Each day, I get up and I go into meditation and I express gratitude and I ask Spirit to guide my activities throughout the day in service to my fellow man and to Mother Earth. And I have complete confidence that all of my needs are met, because they are, because I know that this planet provides an abundance of everything that we need. There is nothing to fight about. And if I encounter anyone who is without, then I ask to help to fill that need. And if there is conflict, then I bring a peaceful presence. And each day is filled with creative expression and loving connection and all of us on this planet are completely free to express ourselves and our highest potential in every moment.”

Karen Frank explained her vision, “I’ve seen a world where there is sustainable abundance for all—a world that can work for everyone. A world where people can live and work their purposes and passions—of course then it’s not work. Where we agree to the idea of working in integrity and for the greater good of all and where there’s consensus and where people are just happy. Where life is happy and joyful because it’s all based in love as opposed to fear. I do believe this is achievable. And I do believe many are working to this end. And one day we will see this and live this and wonder why we ever lived any other way.”

Tom Gorsuch contributed his thoughts. “What I can do individually is make sure that I’m living a peaceful life and that I share with people that I am living a peaceful life and help them understand how I can do that. So it’s kind-of one by one training but if I think well, I only come in contact with 20 or 30 people a day how is that going to make a difference? But, they each come into contact with 20 or 30 people a day, it doesn’t take long before you’ve covered a huge population of people so it’s important to live every day in a peaceful life.”

When asked to share the value of the World Peace Telesummit, Paul Hoyt noted, “The main value that I got out of this process was a real sense of collaboration and community, a sense of there being not just the people on the call, but millions and millions of other people in the world who are focused on having a peaceful planet and a peaceful human experience as well. It felt pretty good!”

Jak Bicaci summed up his experience. “I’m really looking at this meeting as my future option of how to be involved in world peace and what would be my impact if I have the impact I thought I could have in the future. So you guys have given me this inner peace and inner achievable goal to do something about it—to be involved. Thank you.”

Karen Frank added, “I always find it valuable to spend time with spiritual family and consider all of these ideas and questions to collaborate and cooperate and commune with others of like mind and desire.”

Diane Dickson explained her take away, “Well, I think there is a lot of value in knowing that we are not alone and that there are many others of like mind who are doing this work on this planet. We can come together and we can re-charge our batteries and we can fill our cups so that we can continue to vibrate that higher frequency and influence those around us in our day to day life. So thank you to everyone for coming together to create that opportunity for us. And, thank you to Elaine Christine for her vision and her energy to create these meetings where we can come together and learn and grow and fill our cup so that we can go out and do what we do. Thank you.”

Dr. Christine concluded, “We need to focus on peace to have peace expand in our world. The world needs that now, it needs us now. Not just to start the conversation, but to keep it going. The value of this call is how we can come together from around the world and focus on peace and then spread that light into the world. The world needs us and you do make a difference. And I would like to thank everybody for coming to the call and sharing from your hearts. It’s just awesome! I love you all.”

Click here to listen to The World Peace Telesummit 2016 Replay.

To download the Telesummit transcript in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit 2016 Transcript.

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