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World Peace Telesummit 2020: A New Paradigm

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The World Peace Telesummit 2020 was held on September 21 to celebrate the International Day of Peace and to strengthen the ideals of peace among people. Co-host Barry Bettman welcomed participants who met in a video conference. Host Dr. Elaine Christine facilitated folks making a difference through education and awareness of the 6-Step Peace Process. Participants shared what they learned from their experience. Click this link to watch the World Peace Telesummit 2020 Video.

To download the Telesummit transcript and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit 2020 Transcript.

The 6-Step Peace Process was inspired in 1998 after Elaine attended a spiritual conference in Miami. Everyone seemed to want world peace, but nobody had a plan. She had the idea to run the thought of World Peace on the Six-Discipline Model published in her textbook, Managing Risk. She explained, “The Six-Discipline Model is a simple process model of the mind that can run any thought. I wrote ‘World Peace’ at the top and changed the generic process to a specific thought of peace and love. Later, I realized the process for world peace was the same as inner peace. The model scales perfectly from universal to personal!”

What does world peace look like? Participant Jerry Forney shared, “It would be a world where people love each other. People don’t judge because they realize we all are imperfect. And they love each other because of their imperfections. By embracing our imperfections, we continue to grow and evolve therefore they are liberating forces not limiting forces.”

Jerry envisioned peace on earth. “A world where we love and accept each other unconditionally without placing blame, where we take responsibility for our own well-being, loving and forgiving ourself. I think if more and more people would try to become more Christ-like, I think we would have world peace.”

Barry Bettman responded, “Beautiful. So, it’s about treating each other in a kind, gentle manner and letting our flaws be normal instead of trying to hide them. I think it’s a paradigm shift from negativity, out of the ego to a place of caring and sharing. I think if we can shift from me, me, me, to what can we do to help each other from a place of love and caring, the shift can begin.”

Elaine Christine offered a new paradigm, “The current paradigm is GOOD and EVIL, but we’re making a new sentence. We’re taking the ‘I’ out of EVIL to take responsibility. Our only function is ‘LOVE’ and the only thing left is ‘GOD’. So, that’s the new paradigm, ‘I LOVE GOD’.

What would world peace look like if we had it now? Jeanne Lyons contributed her thoughts, “You know, right now especially with me being in California, the first thing that came to mind is that I could just breathe freely and be able to feel that relaxation in my chest and to allow the love to come in.”

To bring about her vision, Jeanne identified one action step. “I’ve been on a kindness kick. And I really love to find something kind to do, even staying at home. I just got off a phone call with a friend that I haven’t spoken to in over a decade. And it was so uplifting to be able to connect.”

Tom Gorsuch concurs, “It’s easy to be familiar with anybody in the world through technology to communicate worldwide and to show kindness to others. Today you can have kindness for anyone in the world. So, I guess just spreading the idea of kindness to anyone and everyone in the world, no matter what.”

Barry Bettman has a plan for peace. “There’s a thing called the 100th monkey or the 1,000th monkey about if you get enough people to do it. So instead of walking around being frustrated, I’m going to promote the concept of asking people each day, what is one thing you can do to help promote peace to get them in their mind, to get the inquiry going, to get them to start thinking. And at first, they might say, ‘What do you mean promote peace?’ As I see them more and talk to them more it will begin to self-generate—that’s what I’m going to do.”

Jerry Forney also has a plan, “Being open to the spirit of peace. If you’re open to the spirit of peace then what you say and do is going to generate positive energy. We manifest compassion and kindness and become channels of peace.”

When asked what he learned on the World Peace Telesummit, Tom Gorsuch noted, “Definitely the idea that it starts with me and sharing kindness every step of the way and with every person that I meet and spread the ideas of love and kindness to create peace. Those are actual actionable steps that I can be taking every day.”

What was your takeaway? Jeanne Lyons said, “I am taking away that it’s an active process, it’s not a passive process. And especially when Tom said that he has actionable steps, I am going to place actionable steps in my daily habits.”

Barry Bettman summed up his experience, “What I recognize is that if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. So, it’s getting people involved and getting them to think differently. Adding it to my vocabulary and other people’s vocabulary will help begin the shift.”

Elaine Christine acknowledged, “For me the value is sharing my love for spreading peace with the people that I love, which is all of you. And any time you were thinking about criticizing, condemning, or complaining about somebody or something, you would go to your Peace Process Worksheet and write out what the real problem is and how you could envision it. We are one thought away from inner peace. And so, it really is a gift as you all are a gift for me, so I want to thank everybody for weighing in and opening your minds and hearts for world peace.”

Barry Bettman shared some links for training Peacemakers. “For people that might want to know, the website is https://DrElaineChristine.com. The training is online at https://bit.ly/trainpeacemakers. The course is the 33-Day Peacemakers eCourse and the worksheet that Elaine talks about is https://bit.ly/peace-worksheet. Those are all great resources.”

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