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World Peace Telesummit With Donna Anselmo

World Peace Telesummit host Elaine Christine interviewed Donna Anselmo, founder of BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc. and author of Marketing Demystified published by McGraw-Hill. In her role as a strategic marketing expert and certified professional development coach, Donna serves as an inspirational speaker on best practices in leadership, marketing, and sales. Her website, shows people how to succeed in business and in life, mastering success from the inside out. Click this link and listen to the audio replay: World Peace Telesummit With Donna Anselmo. To download the interview and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit With Donna Anselmo Transcript.

Elaine welcomed Donna as a special guest speaker to celebrate the International Day of Peace, and to make a difference for world peace through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Donna shared how she wrote a new BOLD strategy in her latest book, Be Bold, She Said. “Believe in yourself, Open to Opportunities, Love what you do and Love yourself, too, and Dare to Dive in to the things that matter for you and make a difference in your world—then you will be happier, more peaceful, more content. And I would love to have a world that had people in it that were doing the things they felt BOLD enough to do because those things had meaning.”

Explaining her purpose, Donna said, “I feel very passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and who they are so they can enjoy the blessings that they have no matter what their circumstances are. We don’t always love, honor, and appreciate ourselves enough for just exactly who we are. For the fact that God gifted us with life, that we wake up in the morning with a breath in our body, and that should be all we need to feel worthy.” Continue reading

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