Mother Mary and the Masters Radio Show

World Peace Telesummit With Samarah Grace

The World Peace Telesummit is an annual event to celebrate the International Day of Peace and to strengthen the ideals of peace among people. Elaine Christine interviewed Samarah Grace, co-host of Mother Mary and the Masters Radio Show. Click this link to listen to the audio replay: World Peace Telesummit With Samarah Grace.  To download the interview in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit With Samarah Grace Transcript.

Elaine welcomed Samarah as a special guest speaker to make a difference for world peace through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Samarah shared what she was doing to help, “What most people know me for is I’ve been channeling Mother Mary since 1997. I became a conscious channel for her, and her words to me were all about love and peace. She asked me to become a messenger for her and essentially to travel around the world wherever I’m invited and offer messages of love and healing.”

Samarah explained, “We know that one of the places we need to find peace is within ourselves. If we don’t find that peace within ourselves, then we become less inclined to do something about it in the world. I offer workshops in aligning one’s life to be in harmony within oneself because once you have inner peace, then you can become an emissary for peace in the world.” Continue reading

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