Spiritual Law: A Handbook to Higher Truth

World Peace Telesummit With Elaine Bartlett

World Peace Telesummit host Elaine Christine interviewed author and Feng Shui expert Elaine Bartlett. Her book, Spiritual Law: A Handbook to Higher Truth, is available on her website, www.hierconsciousness.com. Click this link and listen to the audio replay: World Peace Telesummit With Elaine Bartlett.  To download the interview and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit With Elaine Bartlett Transcript.

Elaine C welcomed Elaine B as a special guest to make a difference for world peace through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Elaine B shared why her book is rather magical and has no page numbers. “I use it as a teaching tool. The best application is to allow the law to draw you in and either show you what you are working on spiritually or inwardly or what is working on you and adjusting, if you will, the set of your inner sails. It moves with you.”

Elaine C agreed, “These concepts are timeless. While I was on vacation recently, I was invited to teach yoga. I used your book as you suggested by allowing each person to open to a page and let that law speak to them. I did that for our conversation today, and I’d like to share that ‘Courage’ was the law that came up.”

Elaine B offered, “Here is how the law would present itself: I am Courage, which enables you to face hardships and tragedies with a heightened sense of resoluteness and determination. Bravery will become the instrument through which your heart center will be more activated and more fully opened. So, today the ‘I am Courage’ of yourself endorses that you live from your heart—heartily.”

Elaine C asked Elaine B why don’t we have world peace now? She replied, “One of the problems is the individual no longer chooses to be accountable for peace within. You can’t have peace outside yourself until you claim the peace within.”

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