Evidence of Eternity

World Peace Telesummit With Mark Anthony

World Peace Telesummit host Elaine Christine interviewed Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer®. In his recent best-seller, Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife, Mark answers big questions, such as: What happens when you die? His website, www.evidenceofeternity.com provides a grief management section with comfort, prayers, and affirmations to help people cope with the loss of a loved one. Click this link to listen to the audio replay: World Peace Telesummit With Mark Anthony. To download the interview and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit With Mark Anthony Transcript.

Elaine welcomed Mark as a special guest speaker to celebrate the International Day of Peace, and to make a difference for world peace through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Mark shared his journey to become a best-selling author, “My first book, Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side is a guide through grief. It is very uplifting with messages of love and healing, helping people understand that life is everlasting and teaching them how to recognize when loved ones of spirit are near.”

Mark explained how his research bridges the gap between the spiritual and the scientific, “When I was on the Never Letting Go book tour traveling across the country, people kept asking me really profound questions about the nature of the other side, the impact of suicide on the soul, exactly what happens at the moment of death, questions about reincarnation and do animals have souls. So I started compiling all of these questions coupled with my own research, near-death experience, and survival of consciousness studies. My second book, Evidence of Eternity, explains inter-dimensional communication and the afterlife based on science, theoretical physics, and human physiology.” Continue reading

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