Peacemakers Story

The first training class for Peacemakers was held March 20, 2012. At the end of the six weeks of classes, two Peacemakers in cap and gown received their certification diploma, gifts, and cards to celebrate the special occasion. After graduation, Bob, Tracy, and I stayed friends. Best of all, we were Peace Partners and ready to help one another.

In 2015, Bob, Tracy, and I got back together to create a video series to accompany the Peacemakers training online. We developed a structured format for the show and prayed before each episode. Tracy was the Moderator who welcomed viewers, and we began by setting our intentions and reciting the Peacemakers Prayer. We each selected an Angel Card that inspired us on what to share. I served as Instructor with a teaching from one of the exercises in The Peace Prophecy book, and we each offered what we had written in our Peacemakers Journal. Tracy closed each episode thanking God and reminding everyone to join Peacemakers.

Congratulations, Peacemaker Graduates!

By 2017, thirty-two episodes were complete and awaiting a professional intro. I met Aaron Dill in early 2018 at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church and knew he was the techie who could help. I gave him my brand new laptop so he could level the sound and insert the intro into each show. Bob contributed to pay Aaron. I uploaded the videos to YouTube, adding closed captions and a thumbnail for each video.

That summer Bob died. Tracy and I were with him at the hospital, holding hands and praying over him. Bob left a legacy for the next generation of Peacemakers in the wisdom he shared that came from his love for the Lord. Not until the spring of 2020, eight years after the Peacemakers course began, was training offered at the Aquaterra Institute of Peace.

May the 33-Day Peacemakers eCourse inspire you to become a Peacemaker and be all that God created you to be!

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