The Peace Process is brilliant, practical, and in absolute alignment with universal law. Also, the chapter ‘Spiritual Entrepreneur’  with Wanda was huge for me, and helpful beyond description. I haven’t finished the entire book yet, but when I do I’m going right back to that chapter to study, absorb, and integrate it again. Your work is much needed. Thank you tons!” —Sally Carmany, Melbourne, FL

Thanks so much for taking me through the Peace Process! What I really liked was that love is the only way to heal, to reconcile. To get rid of stress by sending love to those who caused it for you. The magic was in the Work, to send love to the source of your concern. I appreciate the gift you have given me.” —Paul Hoyt, San Francisco, CA

“I know I’m not the only person that you have given the gift of inner peace. It amazes me how when my ducks aren’t flying in the same direction I take a deep breath and start over. You changed my life with that Process.” —Coni Johnson, Indialantic, FL

“After doing the Peace Process, I was able to break through my fear of lack in my life and being stuck. It changed me forever to move on with my life, to trust more in myself, and my Higher Power.” —Audrice Collins, Melbourne Beach, FL

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