Peace Process Story

The Peace Process was inspired after Elaine attended a spiritual conference in Miami. Everyone seemed to want World Peace, but nobody had a plan. She had the idea to run the thought of World Peace on the Six-Discipline Model recently published in her textbook, Managing Risk.

The Six-Discipline Model of the mind can run any thought—its shape is like a pyramid on paper. She wrote World Peace at the top and changed the generic process to a specific thought of peace and love. Later, she realized the process for World Peace was the same as Inner Peace—the model scales from universal to personal!

Since that time, the 6-Step Peace Process has been taught on land and sea in Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and worldwide on the Internet. Certified Peace Process Facilitators are trained to bring inner peace to individuals, families, and groups though a 1-hour Peace Process session.

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