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World Peace Telesummit: Love Rules

The World Peace Telesummit 2017 was held on September 21 to celebrate the International Day of Peace and to strengthen the ideals of peace among people. Professional Coach Barry Bettman welcomed participants who met in a video conference. Host Dr. Elaine Christine facilitated folks making a difference through education and awareness of a six-step Peace Process. Participants shared what they learned from their experience. Click this link to watch the World Peace Telesummit 2017 Video.

To download the Telesummit transcript and read in Adobe PDF format, click here: World Peace Telesummit 2017 Transcript.

The six-step Peace Process was inspired in 1998 after Dr. Christine attended a spiritual conference in Miami. Everyone seemed to want world peace, but nobody had a plan. She had the idea to run the thought of World Peace on the Six-Discipline Model published in her textbook, Managing Risk. Christine explained, “The Six Discipline Model is a simple process model of the mind that can run any thought. I wrote ‘World Peace’ at the top and changed the generic process to a specific thought of peace and love. Later, I realized the process for world peace was the same as inner peace. The model scales perfectly from universal to personal!”

Participants used their imagination to envision world peace. Tracy Ann said, “I believe that the vision that I have right now in my head is just beauty and calm and love. Everyone getting along. Everyone loving one another and sharing their individual love with everyone else. There’s no judgment, no hatred. Love rules above all!”

Thomas Eric contributed his thoughts. “I think that first you need some level of respect for each other before you get the love for one another. But if you respect others as human beings then you have a basis for communicating and through communicating you can make forward progress. But I’d also like to say that you know, war is expensive and peace is free. So just economically speaking, the more peace we have the more abundance that we can have as a humanity, as a human race. So I just kind-of wanted to throw that out as a vision. There could be a lot more abundance for everyone when we get to that state of world peace.”

Karen Frank explained her vision, “We can see a world where we can step out of the systems that have been created, where people can live and work their purposes and their passions and be at peace and have a lot of time to be creative. My assignment is helping to create a new paradigm of being on the planet. That is being translated into creating community on the physical plane, off-grid sustainable, holistic and green community prototypes to be duplicated worldwide.”

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