The Peace Prophecy is a trilogy of sacred texts written with grace, mercy, and love to uplift humanity to higher consciousness. I invite you to click this link to watch a two-minute video and learn the six steps of the Peace Process: The Peace Prophecy Video on YouTube.

The first book, The Peace Prophecy Vision 2013: A Proven Six-Step Process For Inner Peace Of Mind, promotes an awakening in human potential with three methods: Peace BEE, the Peace Process, and the new Peace Consciousness. Questions at the end of every chapter are for self-discovery and holistic healing!

The Peace Prophecy Vision 2013

The second in the trilogy, The Peace Prophecy Star Child: What The Soul Said About God, Truth, And The Heavenly Origin Of Humanity, fulfills a promise to share ancient wisdom and cosmic knowledge. Three new methods promote an understanding of divine human potential: Peace Porpoise, Top Ten Eternal Truths, and Grandma Ode—an inspired poem that describes the Star Child’s epic battle at Armageddon between forces of good and evil.


The third book, The Peace Prophecy Rapture Witness: Spiritual Adventure Travel On Pilgrimage To Sacred Sites Around The World, describes highlights of my top ten spiritual adventures. Please journey with me as I travel on pilgrimage to sacred sites in exotic places such as India, Peru, Mexico, Israel, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Egypt, with an amazing return to Atlantis and swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas!


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